Insurance Repairs

Insurance repairs require experience and specialised skills.

Not just any builder can repair fire and water damaged constructions. Insurance companies look for builders with the experience and skillset to return that property to its original condition.

Endura Build is a preferred insurance repairer and has strong relationships with insurance brokers and loss adjusters alike. We’re also a Panel Builder for a major insurer.

Endura Build carries out insurance repairs to residential and commercial properties. So if your property has been affected by; flood, hail, storm damage, burst pipes, water damage, fire, a break-in or malicious damage, we’re here to help.

Insurance repair services.

Fire destroys all materials and has after-effects caused by corrosive byproducts such as soot and smoke. The effects of these byproducts need to be addressed immediately by an experienced professional, ensuring there are no lingering odours. 

Whilst a fire itself can cause considerable damage to materials and the property structure; it’s usually the water used to extinguish the fire that causes the most damage. 

Water damage to a property, either from extinguishing a fire, a burst pipe or a storm, can damage its structure and lead to mould buildup that can be a significant health risk.

It is vital to repair the damage quickly using a professional repairer, preventing future mould issues and returning your property to its original condition. 

Malicious damage caused by a break-in or vandalism can be stressful. Our experienced team are here to secure your property, clean it up and restore it to new.

Our qualified and experienced team thoroughly assess all damage and make emergency repairs as quickly as possible. We then follow a detailed and structured process to restore your property to its original condition. 

A few of Endura Build’s insurance repair services include:

  • Temporary tarping and roof repair.
  • Temporary fencing.
  • Structural assessment.
  • Structural drying and restoration.
  • Hazard identification. 
  • Removal of hazardous materials. 
  • Carpet cleaning, odour control & thermal fogging.
  • Mould removal and specialist treatment.

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