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Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling station.

Endura Build generally specialises in constructing new homes, extensions and renovations for regional clients. But when the opportunity to build Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling station came along, we couldn’t turn it down.

Whilst in no way an aesthetically pleasing project, it had several technical challenges, and it was exciting to be involved in the rollout of zero-emissions vehicles in Canberra.

Building a greener Australia.

Australia’s first public Hydrogen refuelling station is operated by ActewAGL. The ACT Government uses the service station to power a fleet of twenty Hyundai NEXOs. Australia’s first fleet of hydrogen vehicles. The station means that fuel cell electric vehicles can operate alongside battery run cars. 

As part of Canberra’s renewable energy innovation, the hydrogen refuelling station in Fyshwick is part of the government’s transition to 100% zero-emissions vehicles for its passenger fleet. The green hydrogen created at the station is produced using 100% renewable electricity.

There are many benefits to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

  • Shorter refuelling time, three to five minutes.
  • A much greater range than battery electric vehicles.
  • They purify the air as they drive, the filtration system actually removes harmful particulates produced by petrol and diesel vehicles.

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